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Restoration Life is a ministry dedicated to bringing the vision of the Restoration of All Things to the Church and the body of Christ.

Restoration Life facilitates the message of restoration, empowered by the anointing to teach and minister:

To Churches

  • Presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ with a focus on the promises of God’s restoration power.
  • Teaching from the authority of the Word of God using sound doctrine to affect change and growth, personally and corporately.
  • Establishing the authority of the believer according to Eph. 4 where each believer learns to minister according to the gifting God has put within them.
  • Hearing what the Spirit is saying to the Church so that sound, foundational structures can be established according to the apostolic government of God.

To the Body of Christ

  • Bring clarity to the promises of God to heal, deliver and set the captives free.
  • Using the principals of deliverance and inner healing to bring restoration and transformation.
  • Bring healing and measurable change to each believer’s life, family, home and community.
  • Strengthening God’s people to live productive lives and be prepared to serve God.

To Pastors and Leaders

  • Establish the vision of the apostolic church in the hearts of pastors.
  • Provide leadership training.
  • Support the vision pastors have for their churches.
  • Equip and train leaders to take their place in the apostolic church.

To the Workplace

  • Promote the revelation of workplace ministry.
  • Establish the foundation of faith and work.
  • Develop insights into the "extended church" in the workplace.
  • Set in order the revelation God is releasing today that will transform society and disciple nations.
  • Advance the ongoing, ever-developing plan of God today that relates to advancing the kingdom of God in the places that we live and work.

Over the past 22 years…

  • Multitudes of people have heard the uncompromised Word of God spoken through church meetings, conferences/seminars, radio and television in 21 countries and the U.S.
  • Hundreds of thousands have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and have been baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  • Countless numbers of people have been healed (physical and emotional) and delivered from various bondages in their lives.
  • Personal restoration and transformation have come to individuals, marriages and families.
  • Churches have been strengthened by the prophetic and apostolic gifting.
  • Pastors and leaders have been trained and equipped in their gifting and calling.
  • God is using Restoration Life to advance His kingdom nationally and internationally.

Conferences and Seminars

Dr. Ray Kiertekles is available to conduct conferences and seminars to release restoration:

  • Within the churches
  • To the body of Christ
  • For pastors and leaders
  • And also for workplace ministry development


  • Support for Restoration Life comes from individuals, business and church/ministry organizations that understand the vision and mandate God has given to Dr. Ray Kiertekles.
  • Funding is received from those who have a heart to see salvation come, lives healed, delivered and restored, churches established and strengthened through the Word of God, workplace ministry developed and organized and the Name of Jesus lifted up in all the world.
  • The support that is given offers Dr. Ray Kiertekles an opportunity to make a difference in the world, to advance the kingdom of God, to teach and train, to preach the gospel and disciple nations according to Matthew 28 and Mark 16.
  • For 22 years Dr. Kiertekles has been faithful to serve God locally and internationally, and will continue to in the years to come.
  • All financial gifts are tax-deductible as Restoration Life is a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation, with 90% of financial supportgoing toward ministry and 10% toward administrative expenses.


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