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Restore The Workplace

We are living in a time when revelation is being released that will focus our attention on taking dominion in the workplace and advancing the kingdom of God in the places where we live and work.

What is considered the workplace?

  • Places within the sphere of our society where we live,
    work and have influence. 
  • Places outside the 4 walls of the local church.
  • Places we spend the majority of our time, use the
    majority of our talents and expend the majority of our efforts

The “extended church” in the workplace

  • There is an “extended church” in the workplace that operates in a different way than the local church.
  • The body of Christ exists as a people, a unity of believers, an “ekklesia” (church or a people of God) who congregate together wherever they may be and have deposited within them the kingdom of God.
  • Outside the local church God’s people also exist with a calling and direction by the Holy Spirit to take dominion and reclaim for God all that belongs to Him; in the places that we live and work.
  • The “equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry” (Ephesians 4) must also be applied to all God’s people for the calling and gifts given to them to work/minister in the workplace.
  • The Hebrew word for work (avodah) is the same word for worship or service.

Advancing the Kingdom of God in the Workplace

  • The workplace consists of 7 basic areas of society/culture (church, family, business, government, education, media, arts and entertainment). 
  • These spheres, or sometimes called “mountains”, influence our thinking, learning, relating, governing, achieving, worshiping, and living within a form or structure, common to all nations in the world.
  • God is the creator of this design, owner of this structure and desires to reclaim the use and influence of each area through the mandate given in Gen. 1:26-28.
  • Basically this means we have been given the authority to take dominion in all these areas, reclaim them for His glory, participate in the transformation of our nation (and the nations of the world, Matthew 28) and seek “…your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Luke 11:2).
  • This kind of transformation will begin with the people of God (ekklesia) functioning as an “extended church” advancing the kingdom of God in the workplace; touching lives, releasing God’s vision to restore, heal, deliver, prosper, solve problems, create solutions and develop a society that will benefit all who live there.
  • In God’s order of things He has the power to change, resolve, develop and bless all who seek after and obey Him.

Restore The Workplace Logo

  • Restore The Workplace is an organization formed to bring together
    a coalition of workplace leaders who work and serve in various areas
    of society (7 Mountains).
  • RTW offers a place to gain increased understanding of the current revelation God is releasing to advance His kingdom in the workplace. 
  • It is a place to form relationships with other workplace believers, to network, to pray, to encourage, to support, to learn and to grow in the revelation of taking dominion, reclaiming what belongs to God and advancing the restoring power of His kingdom in the work environment.
  • The vision of Restore The Workplace is to restore the original heart of God back to the workplace.
  • NOW is the time to seek God about His presence and power in the workplace!

For additional information about Restore The Workplace visit our website...

www.RestoreTheWorkplace >a


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