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Answering the call to advance the KINGDOM OF GOD, nationally and internationally

Providing Ministry—Teaching—Training for:

  • Personal Restoration: focusing on aligning believers to experience healing, deliverance and transformation in their personal lives, marriages, homes and families. more>

  • Church Restoration: laying a foundation for the
    government of God to be established (as outlined in Ephesians 4) within churches that have a vision for advancing the kingdom of God. This is accomplished through sound biblical principles and doctrines that will develop an apostolic structure resulting in believers being equipped for the work that God has called them to.

  • Workplace Restoration: equipping business men and women to advance the kingdom of God in the places where they live and work. Training believers in the workplace to take dominion, to learn to serve God in their fields of influence and raise their vision to transform cities and nations for Christ.

Being Equipped to Advance God’s Kingdom…

We are living in the greatest of all times and need to understand the current prophetic and apostolic moves of God.

We need to be open to the new wineskins of revelation that will be released in this hour. We must learn to align with how God is establishing His Church and be equipped to advance His kingdom in all the earth.

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Ray Kiertekles

Ray Kiertekles, Ph.D.

Founder and Director of Restoration Life.

The burden God put on
Dr. Kiertekles’ heart is to facilitate the vision of the restoration of all things; to preach the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM and see God’s promises of healing and transformation come to all who believe.

A Time to Move Forward

It is critical for God’s people to move forward and experience the
power of personal, family, financial, business and community restoration.

The kingdom of God is within all believers and God desires to work through us all to reach the world with His love and abundant Life.


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